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Prompt: 33. The morning after
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 825
Contains mild femmeslash and Terrier spoilers. This goes directly after "Lost."

DamageCollapse )

Fics in progress... maybe?

Alright, I admit it: I have been a horrible fanfic writer the last few weeks. I fully blame college and my freelance writing job. My courses (except for chem) are pretty enjoyable, especially medieval history; but everything except chem is honors and involves a lot of work. My job is writing press releases for the school PR department, which can also take a good portion of time, especially if it's necessary to set up interviews, but I'm getting paid to write (and it's good money none the less), so I'm really excited about it. I completed my first one and am now eagerly awaiting my check and next assignment.

Anyway, back to what you would actually care about. I am not abandoning fics, but things that get me A's and money come first. I've got some things stewing, in varying levels of completion from idle thoughts to almost finished.

-"Pretty Mots": Kora and Aniki are probably furious at me for leaving them off where I did in Lost, so I'm working on a companion piece to it that occurs the next day. It's towards the end of the writing process, so if I get all my readings for school done, I might be able finish that this weekend. After that, I'm planning on the next drabble being much lighter.

-Paying the Piper (or the Rise and Fall of Kayfer Deerborn): a short drabble/one shot that takes place during the fight between Kayfer and Rosto for the Rogue. Kayfer reflects on his time as Rogue. Partially from hearing "Viva La Vida" too many times and in the early-middle stage of writing.

-Dancing Partners: Aniki/Lady Sabine. I couldn't resist playing around with two swordwomen. I have about half of it written, but seem to have hit a stumbling block somewhere along the way, so it might end up being completely rehauled.

-As of yet untitled Daine fic about the hunting incident she mentions to Kaddar in Emperor Mage. Just a thought in my head so far.

-Roger crack!fic based on "Be Prepared" from the Lion King. It just came to me while I was writing this entry when iTunes started playing the song. I can just visualize Roger as Scar and Alex, Delia, Josiane as the hyenas.

So that's my fic list for the moment. Hopefully, I'll have time to actually work on them.

Help, I need somebody!

Alright, I don't actually need help, but the lovely notadoor does. She's a student at Bard College at Simon's Rock and is working on her senior thesis. To make this remotely relevant to fandom, she's a Tamora Pierce fan, was mentored by her at Alpha SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers, and is an up and coming fantasy writer in her own right.

For her aforementioned thesis, she needs people who are 18 to 24 to take a survey.

Take her survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=dZpprBIz2kKr00R0FPIGGQ_3d_3d

It's about help-seeking, friendships, and mental disorder. It's really short, really basic, and entirely anonymous & confidential. She's hoping to do a second survey in a month or so based off the data from this one, but that means she needs results quickly!

If you're not between the ages of 18 and 24, but want to help, you can forward the link to any of your friends who are in that age group.

Thank you!

Fic: Tapestry

Title: Tapestry
Words: 1,062
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Kora weaves her past and Scanran myth into a gift. Written for team_fen's Neglected Country Challenge.
Author's Note: I'm a huge nerd, so when I went to figure out what to write, I decided to research Viking culture and customs at The Viking Answer Lady. The information on the types of magic that the Vikings believed in/used really interested me, as did the myths about the Raven Banner. Also, if you squint, you can see a trace of Kora/Aniki because I just can't seem to keep them out of anything.

TapestryCollapse )
Prompt: 80. Realization
Characters: Aniki, Beka, Kora, Rosto
Words: 1090 (A little long, sorry!)
Rating: PG-13
Contains Terrier spoilers, femmeslash and mentions of pretty extreme violence.

LostCollapse )
Prompt: 14. Weapon of choice
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 320
Written in celebration on the US women's fencing team's sweep of the individual sabre medals on 8/9/08. Also, this is what I imagine Aniki's sword looks like.

Prized PossessionCollapse )
Prompt: 62. Intruder
Characters: Aniki, Kora, Rosto
Rating: PG-13
Words: 878
Contains femmeslash and Terrier spoilers.

All of these Kora/Aniki centric drabbles are also posted under the title "Pretty Mots Who Know What They're Doing" by The Purple Tyrant on fanfiction.net.

A New TuneCollapse )
Prompt: 83. Rediscovery
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Rating: PG-13
Words: 507
Contains femmeslash and Terrier spoilers. Also rather fluffy and deserving of the rating. In a linear timeline this would go directly after "Cutting Losses," but this should make sense even without having read that.

Proper RomancingCollapse )
Prompt: 9. Instinct
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 900
Contains mild femmeslash and Terrier spoilers.

ShelterCollapse )
Characters: Erksen, Kora, Rosto
Contains mentions of femmeslash (Kora/Aniki) and Terrier spoilers.

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Cutting LossesCollapse )

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