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Prompt: 14. Weapon of choice
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 320
Written in celebration on the US women's fencing team's sweep of the individual sabre medals on 8/9/08. Also, this is what I imagine Aniki's sword looks like.

The last of the green-blue magic swirled around the blade of the sword before seeping into the steel. In the dim light, it still cast a faint glow, but the dramatic effects of the casting had passed. Kora retracted her hands and rested them on the edge of the rough hewn table.

"I've cast just about every protection spell I can think of on it. It shouldn't break, and you won't need a whetting stone to keep the edge and point sharp," Kora said as she watched Aniki slide her fingers reverently along the flat of the blade.

"I can't believe I really have one of my own. These swords are incredible, the best you can get. And specially made by Master Watson. Even some knights can't get their hands on these. Are you sure you don't mind? I mean, I could have keep us fed on fancy food for a year with the cost of this." Even as she voiced her concerns, Aniki never once turned her eyes from the sword as she spoke.

"We have enough without it. Besides, you said you'd been using that old blade since you first started training, and it was a piece of junk then and a liability now. I'm not going to have you go die on me because your blade breaks."

Aniki, however, seemed to have forgotten she had asked the question. She gripped the hilt, drawing the sword out in front of her. It lay lightly in her hand, balanced evenly on either side of the cross-guard that acted as a fulcrum. Picking a finger on her left hand, she ran it along its edge and felt the skin split easily. A small wash of blood slicked the blade.

Kora looked mildly appalled. "What was that about?"

"A sword isn't truly yours until it has something of you on it."