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Prompt: 83. Rediscovery
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Rating: PG-13
Words: 507
Contains femmeslash and Terrier spoilers. Also rather fluffy and deserving of the rating. In a linear timeline this would go directly after "Cutting Losses," but this should make sense even without having read that.

Aniki sat on the side of Kora's bed as waited for her to come back from her talk with Ersken. As she rolled the sheets between her fingers, she let a slightly giddy grin play over her lips. The mattress was forgiving, the bedclothes were soft and somehow sleek, and the pillows were downy. She intended on spending a lot of time in this bed from now on, and not just because it of its coziness.

The door swung inwards softly, halting altogether a few moments before it would have met the wall. Kora's lips were tilted downwards until she saw Aniki lounging on the bed.

"You're still here," she said, eyes lighting immediately.

"Did you think I'd make you end things with Ersken just to disappear?" Aniki replied, propping her head up on her hands.

"Not really, it's still just nice to see. Already making yourself at home on my bed?"

Aniki flashed a sly look. "Well, I do plan on getting very comfortable with it."

"I think that's something we can work on," Kora said as she offered her hand to pull the other woman up.

Aniki took her hand, though it was not without protest. "Why am I getting up?"

"Because you're going to romance me proper; I don't just fall into bed for anyone," Kora said coyly.

Aniki rose so that her body was pressed flush against the other woman's, their faces only held apart by their height difference. Twining her fingers into brown hair, she tipped the other woman's head up so that their eyes aligned as Kora rose on her toes to kiss her. Kora took a sort of comfort from softness of the blonde's lips behind their chapped exterior. It was the familiarity of things - months from the last time they had truly kissed, and still, some things did not seem to change. In her own turn, Aniki noticed the differences, all small and simple - the curl of her hair, the slightly deeper curve to her waist - finding her way through all that she had missed.

When Aniki parted her lips, Kora's tongue darted in to tangle with hers. She could map every nook and plane in her mouth, but tried to set out anew, find anything she might have overlooked. Her quest was cut short though as Aniki withdrew, instead moving to focus on the column of her neck.

"You're absolutely beautiful," she said to Kora in between kisses. One of her hands drifted downward to cup the nape of Kora's neck beneath her chestnut hair. It gradually slid down farther, in between her shoulder blades, down her spine until it rested on the hollow just above her lower back.

Kora looked at Aniki through her lashes. "Then you are unbelievable." When she saw Aniki raise begin to raise her head to disagree, she added, "Truly."

Often those words sounded awkward, trite, silly, and best left unsaid. But today, today they were welcome reaffirmations of moments past.

Author's Note: Once I set up a fandom journal (which will be as soon as LJ reinstates basic accounts), I may post a continued version of this with a higher rating, if anyone is interested.