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Prompt: 22. Senses
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 500
Contains femmeslash and Terrier spoilers.

I'm not as pleased with this as the others - I fought with it for a long time - but this is probably the best it will get until I put some space between its writing and revising.

The UnnoticedCollapse )
Prompt: 58. Celebration
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Rating: PG-13
Words: 532
Contains femmeslash and Terrier spoilers.

BookishCollapse )
Prompt: 30. Occupational Hazard
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Words: 542
Contains light femmeslash, mild language and Terrier spoilers

ProtectionCollapse )
tammy_drabbles prompt: 1. The beginning
Characters: Aniki, Kora
Word Count: 580
Light PG-13 for one instance of suggestive language.
Author's note: There's far too little written about these two in fandom, so I'm on a quest to remedy that. This is the first of a series of drabbles exploring the relationship between Kora and Aniki; they don't follow a linear timeline (for the most part), but they all take place in the same 'verse. All of the completed drabbles are also posted on fanfiction.net here.

On a Bitter WindCollapse )